The Climate Story Lab ZA  2022 vision is to connect a selection of  powerful creative narratives that address climate change and climate justice while exploring solutions, with experts,strategists, organisational partners and funders. The 4-day residential lab wil incubate projects and support the development of strategies for greater impact.

The Climate Story Lab Africa invites dynamic and passionate creatives (filmmakers, writers, podcasters, journalists, theatre-makers and other visual/aural storytellers) to apply to the inaugural Climate Story Lab South Africa (CSLZA).

This intensive residential Lab is supported by the UMI Fund and hosted by the UCT Centre for Film and Media Studies in partnership with Doc Society and the Climate Story Unit.  CSLZA offers storytellers from Southern Africa an opportunity to develop their projects to better support collective action against activities that contribute to climate change and support solutions that protect ecosystems and biodiversity.


Anita Khanna | Writer | Producer | Impact Producer/ co-director: Climate Story Lab ZA

Liani Maasdorp | Film Lecturer | Impact Consultant/ co-director: Climate Story Lab ZA

Miki Redelinghuys | Documentary Filmmaker | Impact Producer/ co-director: Climate Story Lab ZA

Tarha McKenzie | Programme Manager

Thihangwi Ramutsindela | Programme Coordinator

Margo Cresswell | Social Media Coordinator

Molly | Administrative Officer